Your Source for Supplies, Plants, Planning & More

Splash Contractor Supply has the services and supplies your water feature business needs to succeed.

Centrally located in York, Pennsylvania, Splash offers quick and easy pickup or delivery throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. We manage our inventory so our warehouse is always full of pumps, liners, filters, pipe, plumbing, skimmers, Biofalls and more, ready for when you need them.

We also grow acres of pond plants at our nearby farm and greenhouses. Check out our huge selection of big beautiful landscape-ready lotus, waterlilies and hundreds of marginal aquatic and wetland plants.

Splash is much more than a huge warehouse filled with pond supplies, pond fish and aquatic plants. Our friendly and knowledgeable team has more than 50 years of combined experience in the business of water features. Take advantage of our design and planning services, or ask us about training opportunities tailored to your needs.

Whether it’s your first time installing a small fountain for a commercial client or you regularly build or maintain acre-sized bass fishing lakes, you can count on the Splash team to help.

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